How to take better photos of your dog

Photographing your dog with Rutland pet photography

This is the first in my series of posts on ‘How to photograph your dog’ This week we are going to focus on one of the most important aspects of dog photography and that is


So many dog owners when taking photos of their dogs when out for a walk just remain in the standing position and photograph down on their dog. This doesn’t look flattering, makes your dog look a lot smaller and offers no connection to the subject. You need to start getting a little lower, depending on the size of your dog this could mean just coming down to a crouched position or with the smaller dogs and puppies you could end up laying on the floor. Don’t worry though! The rest of us dog owners will completely understand what you are up to and who cares about the rest of them 😉

Photographing your dog with Rutland pet photography

In this photo you can clearly see I am too high up. I had remained in a standing position but as I mentioned earlier, when photographing your dog you need to get a little lower.


Not only does this photo not really show how handsome my dog is, it also shows way to much background, and given the grass isn’t looking particularly great at the moment that isn’t a good thing.

OK let’s make this a little better

Photographing your dog with Rutland pet photography

Ok so now we are getting somewhere. At this point I am actually kneeling and lowering my elbows to the floor so I can keep my arms steady.


Please note that for the purpose of this tutorial I haven’t moved any of the distracting elements such as his chew, or taken the time to edit the photo. These are straight out of camera as I want to cover each item separately. This image already looks better though as you are getting more of a connection with the dog, you can see how handsome he is and you can see a little of his personality coming through. This height is perfectly fine but if you want more of a ‘Hero’ image then keep reading

Photographing your dog with Rutland pet photography

This is what is known as a hero shot. From this height your dog is the main focus of the image and doesn’t he look magnificent (I may be a tad biased but what dog owner isn’t?)


At this point I was laying flat on the floor with my camera angled slightly up. Hercules was looking at me like I was a bit crazy and judging me for trying to take his chew from him (you can still see it in the background there) but this is my preferred angle for dog portraits outside. It shows the world from your dogs point of view and the wider angle photos showing more of the background really show this off. I will post more examples of this in the coming blogs.

I can’t wait to see what you create. Follow me on Instagram or Facebook (linked below) and tag me in your photos #rutlandpetphotography


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