Rutland Equine Photography | Equine Photoshoot What To Wear

An Equine Photoshoot & What To Wear

You have booked your equine photography session, so now let us discuss how to ensure you get the best out of it! First of all, the most important thing to remember is that this photoshoot is all about the connection between you and your horse. With this in mind, it is important to remember that we are stripping everything back to focus on just the two of you. So there is no braiding or chaps insight!





Your equine photoshoot takes place at your home, which means that we have a few options with regard to our choice of location.

  • Home – I can meet you at your stables, at home or at a yard; we can begin the photoshoot there.
  • Out & About – Do you have a favourite place to hack out? We would hold the photoshoot there.
  • A Dream Location – Do you have a dream location close by that you never get time to visit? We could make it happen!
Rutland Equine Photography | Equine Photoshoot What To Wear
Rutland Equine Photography | Equine Photoshoot What To Wear




Ideally, aim for up to three outfit changes during your photoshoot, this will give you variety and provide the chance to show different sides of your personality.

My top choices are

  1. The ‘Jeans, Boots, your favourite Top, and Accessories’ combination usually works great. AND if you have a hat, scarf or gloves feel free to bring those along too!\
  2. The ‘Jeans, coupled with a Casual Top or jumper / jacket’ set also usually works.
  3. A long dress can work well if you fancy trying something a little different.
  4. For the gentlemen – some chinos and a shirt work very well.

But of course, these are only suggestions. Most importantly you should feel comfortable and the style should represent you!

When I arrive, we will go over the different outfit choices together, so feel free to bring a few extra items if you would like.

Please REMEMBER this image is going to go on your wall, so we want you looking your best. Don’t feel you need to go all out, just a beautiful natural look will be perfect.



If your wardrobe allows for it then try and bring a little colour in to your outfits. Be wary though – you don’t want to go too bright. For example wearing a bright pink top in a woodland setting wouldn’t work. In these images though the red top perfectly compliments the green doorway and really makes the image pop.

Rutland Equine PhotographyRutland Equine Photography | Equine Photoshoot What To Wear
Rutland Equine Photography | Equine Photoshoot What To Wear



To get the best from your session, please give your horse a wash before the shoot, if at all possible it is also worth having someone there to help you in the morning.

After-all we both know that if you wash your horse the night before, then they are going to roll around in their stables all night long, so there will always be a little extra to do first thing in the morning.

Also to ensure that the focus stays with your beautiful horse rather than on their bridal. I suggest where possible you use a black or brown leather bridal and head collar; accompanied by a black or brown lead rope. It is also worth having the saddle cleaned and ready as well just in case.

If you are unsure about what to wear just bring more options with you and we can go through them together on the day of the session. We can also arrange a Skype or video call ahead of your photo shoot so you can show me your outfit choices.

If you have any questions or would like to book your session today just contact me by email to or by using the contact form here.


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