An Equine Photoshoot & What To Expect!

All being well, you will have received and also read your copy of How to Prepare For Your Equine Photoshoot guide, which I will have been sent upon confirmation of your equine photography session. This usually results in one outcomes.

  1. You will have plundered and raided past forgotten wardrobes for that perfect outfit, possibly finding the entrance to Narnia along the way.
  2. Used your equine photoshoot as an excuse / reason to treat yourself to a new outfit or accessory, subsequently finding yourself somewhere like Fairfax and Favor, which lets be honest is just as magical.

Once you find your way back from your ‘Narnia’, you then patiently wait for your photoshoot date to arrive; which could be likened to waiting for Christmas, just without a countdown calendar.

Rutland Pet Photography | Equine Photoshoot
Rutland Pet Photography | Equine Photoshoot

1. The Day of the Photoshoot: Meet & Greet & A Walk Around

Upon arriving at your house or stables [discussed prior to visit], I leave my camera and I will spend time with you and your horse; giving the horse to chance to become familiar with this new random person; and then we will for a walk to choose your preferred locations.

This is the best way for me to see all of the different options open to us, whilst having time to talk through our plan of action. I always make sure to have more location ideas than we will actually need for your photoshoot.

This provides ample options in the event that one or two of the locations become unviable, possibly due to a change in weather, or circumstances like your horse decides he / she doesn’t want to stand there. After-all we know how headstrong a horse can be!

Once we have our locations planned out, we will head back to the stables and go through your different outfit options. Of course, if you stable your horse at home then we can pop inside for a cup of coffee (#hinthint) and go through your outfits inside.

2. The Day of the Photoshoot: The Photoshoot 

With your outfits chosen, the locations picked; and the weather perfect (or maybe just two out of three), it is time for you to get changed, me to pick up my equipment; and for us head out to our first location. Your ‘first location’ may very well mean staying exactly where we are, and starting in the barn. But don’t panic, I walk you through and explain exactly, what to do and where to stand. So you don’t need to worry.

Usually, I aim for equine photography sessions to take approximately 90 minutes once we get started but this varies from shoot to shoot.

Rutland Pet Photography | Equine Photoshoot

3. After Your Photoshoot: Your Viewing Session

With your locations all visited, your outfits broken in and most importantly your images captured. I will leave you in peace to enjoy the rest of your day. Once your images are edited, I will get in touch to arrange your viewing session.

The viewing session usually happens 3~ weeks after your photography session, and for me at least (and hopefully you!) this is the best bit. Viewing Sessions are hosted at my photography studio in Barleythorpe; where we can drink tea / coffee and view the fully edited images from your equine photoshoot. Here is when you get to choose the image you would like as your complimentary 14 inch framed print; and should you wish you have the opportunity to purchase additional prints & wall art. You can read more about the different print options available to you here.   

4. Booking & Availability

Your equine photography session all starts with setting a date; contact me for availability and any specific questions you have!


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