Dog on rocks at Rutland Water

I love love love, photographing dogs in the great outdoors. Seeing them running around, sniffing, playing, and just enjoying themselves is so rewarding. 

My favorite locations to photograph dogs outdoors are generally around Rutland Water. There is such a variety of locations here we really are spoilt for choice. 

Some of the areas don’t allow for dogs to be off lead and that is no problem at all, the dog in the image above actually had a lead on for this photo it has just been removed in post-production.

All of the images below were taken on the same shoot, I don’t limit the number of dogs per session they just have to be from the same household. In this case it was a commercial shoot so there were a few different dogs.

Dog on rocks at Rutland Water
Puppy waiting for treat at Sykes Lane Rutland
Dog running with toy at rutland water
dog peeking out from
dog running at rutland water
dog playing with toy at rutland water
dog standing on the rocks at rutland water

If you love these images and would like to get your four-legged friend booked in for a photoshoot just send me a message using the contact form and we can get you booked in.